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Hi All,

    I'm new to the forum and was digging through my basement when I came across some "old" Lady Death comics circa 1994.  The series is labeled as "Part 1-4 of Between Heavy and Hell" and the first of the series is a foil front and back cover.  All are in fantastic condition given that I had plastic packaging wrapped around them for however long they've been in my basement.  My question to you all is, what would the retail be for these?  I haven't seen Lady Death comics released in a long time, albeit I haven't been looking.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback on retail, authenticity, collectors status and whatever else may come to mind about the listed series.

Thanks a lot,
Sal ----

PS - Series Title and Number are as follows
     <Foil Cover> Between Heaven and Hell - Part 1: Odyssey of Love Promise
     <Norm Cover> Between Heaven and Hell - Part 2: The Final Sin
     <Norm Cover> Between Heaven and Hell - Part 3: Divine Damnation
     <Norm Cover> Between Heaven and Hell - Part 4:  Hell's Harrowing


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Hate to say it but those are considered "Modern" age books which are not worth a lot.  You could probably find them on Feebay for less then a dollar each (which means they're not very collectible).


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2nd that high.  plus, those are some common books; if you like Chaos! in the 90s you have them.  Although, those are one of if on the best stories (wonder if stories will happen again).
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Thanks people, much appreciated information
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