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BP can you promise me that you will never put Obama in any LD comics?  I don't care who anybody voted for but I'm getting to the point that I don't even want to go to the comic shop because all I see is every title with him in it.  We get it you like him just stop putting him on every cover and in every book.  I read comics to get away from all the crap going on in DC not to be thrown in it.  Even Bomb Queen is coming out with one.  I know he is the big trend but it is getting annoying.  Like I said I don’t care who you vote for just stop with him in/on every book. 

This Sucks!

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It's just a another way to make money, I think some people buy into it because they figure it will be a collectors item. I just think it's a waste of hard earned cash. I would buy a fund raiser type comic if it helped some one or may be a tribute to remember a sad event such as the twin towers in new york . Not that it's wrong just different ,so I think everyone should what's best for themselves.

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i agree no more Obama in comics unless in CROSSED
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The last time a president (not a real one) appeared in Chaos!, Evil Ernie was violating his personal integrity in his own inimitable way. If Obama gets universally unpopular....

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